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Glossary / Explanations
Equivalised Price
A way of showing artist commission prices on an equal level. It's calculated as the price for a 1 character fullbody painting without a background, and with either moderate or detailed rendering depending on what types the artist offers.
If an artist doesn't offer fullbody paintings, then an estimate is used based on their other commission prices.
Why do Skeb commissions seem cheaper than others?
Skeb commissions have specific rules. Once you send a request to an artist, you cannot ask for changes or revisions, or send any other communication. This makes the commission easier for the artist, and in return, the price is normally lower than for commissions where you can ask for changes.
Another reason is that the Japanese Yen, which most Skeb artists charge in, has weakened significantly against the US dollar recently, meaning prices for many Skeb commissions seem lower than normal.